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Could someone help explain how tokens could be issued on top of Factom? I read on the factomize website that this was possible, but I[…]

submitted by /u/Automagick [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions Factoshi Authority Node First Monthly Update

Bitcoin Press Release: The biggest problem facing the token sale industry today is utility tokens posing as security tokens. This issue is the largest threat[…]

Bitcoin Press Release: CoinMetro, the all in one platform crosses another milestone to becoming a fully regulation-compliant crypto exchange as it gets license to trade[…]

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Bitcoin Press Release:The CHERR.IO story: from winning FutureHack in Davos during this year’s World Economic Forum, to partnering with Caritas Maribor,one of the biggest charity[…]

Bitcoin Press Release: Another industry-first for the pioneering online Bitcoin casino innovators Bitcasino.io, announcing the all new Fiat-to-Bitcoin currency converter. 17th May 2018. Estonia, Tallinn:[…]

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain video sharing platform Viuly  participated in the Block O2O, and Fintech O2O conferences, the most promising gathering of blockchain experts, in[…]

Greetings Factom Community, Ask any question here, and offer your answers here. Don't get hung up on the date if we are close to the[…]

Bitcoin Press Release: Launched in the early hours of May 8th, 2018, Panda.Earth is social simulation game built on blockchain technology. Authorized by China Conservation[…]