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Bitcoin Press Release: Is TGE (Token Generation Event) just a tool to help collect initial funds for a project or a component of a new[…]

Bitcoin Press Release: VeriME, a blockchain platform providing Verification As a Service [VaaS], partnered with world’s leading Digital Goods provider Mondia Media, to enable their[…]

Will there (or is there) an opportunity for smaller factoid holders to participate & earn rewards in the factom network? As I understand it, there[…]

submitted by /u/jkhan720 [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions Kaula using Factom for their document and data management framework

Bitcoin Press Release: Safein co-founders Vladas and Lukas have just attended the iCoinSummit in Cyprus where pitch battles between 18 token event projects took place.[…]

Bitcoin Press Release: TrustLogics looks to streamline the process of global recruitment, by utilising blockchain technology to protect users identity. TrustLogics also announce the world’s[…]

Bitcoin Press Release: Minex Systems Limited”, a Hong Kong registered company, specializes in blockchain product development. The company offers solutions which work on the unified[…]

Has anybody seen the talk @ Consensus regarding how governments will use blockchain technology? Factom wasn't directly mentioned but I thought Ms. Jamie E. Smith[…]

submitted by /u/unblockedchains [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions Factom – Part of the Consensus Sponsors Portfolio Experiment

These days it's easy to feel a little pessimistic about Factom. But, I believe they are quietly laying the ground work for a protocol that[…]