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Help Ease My Nerves With Factom


Obviously, market sentiment over the past year has been quite bad. The bear market negatively impacted the price for nearly every cryptocurrencies. That being said, Factom has been hurting more than most.

– Looking at ECs spent and committed, usage has not improved since February 2016 – over 2.5 years of development with no increase in EC usage.

– Looking at the Daily Factoid Transaction Count on The number of transactions has remained largely unchanged since since the inception of the protocol way back in September 2015.

– We were expecting to hear about more companies coming online this year (2018). This would've led to an increase in usage, however, as the year begins to come to a close it appears usage will remain unchanged.

– Factom is now trying to enter the already incredibly crowded stablecoin market place? There are so many high quality stablecoins in the market right now – why is development being shifted in this direction? What happened to the original vision?

– Not a huge deal for me, but, Factom is only listed on 2 exchanges right now: Poloniex and Bittrex. Poloniex's wallet was non-functional for the better half of year.

What is there to look forward to at this point? Is usage ever expected to increase (2018? 2019? 2020?)?

It has been several years now and Factom doesn't have any large partnerships to speak of.

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Help Ease My Nerves With Factom