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Jay's recent blog post invites the community to get creative in thinking about and preaching how organizations can benefit from use of the Factom protocol. He also states that Factom first and foremost is not a crypto currency company. Both of these things are true and are something the community should take to heart.

With that said, by utilizing a crypto currency, Factom has the unique benefit, compared to traditional companies, of having a very motivated online community that is willing to spend inordinate amount of time speculating, discussing and preaching about the company. Most traditional startups would be thrilled to have such 'otakus'.

So Factom, we would love to help, but help us help you. The AMA gave us a lot of ammunition to work with, but the crypto space is very fast moving. If you really want to weaponize this group of misfits we need a more steady stream of knowledge. Doing so will increase the excitement and multiply the amount of people doing exactly what you are asking for in your blog post.

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Factom Team – Help us help you