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Factom in 2018 and thank-you to the community!


Since the AMA the sentiment in the Factom community has significantly improved. We are all extremely excited for 2018. I believe it will be the year Factom goes from being an undervalued diamond in the rough to a true top 10 gem, acknowledged by the wider crypto-community for being so.

I was thinking, going into next year, what things could the community do to help Factom to become mainstream, to gain exposure and to ultimately increase the FCT price (this is important for M3 so the federated servers are incentivised)? If anyone has any suggestions for community led initiatives please comment below, I'd love to hear them.

quintillian in Slack has been leading the charge on setting up a community test-net. andrew from slack is currently giving away 12 physical FCT coins to the community (what a legend). dchapman is continuing to write incredibly valuable articles on factomize.com. The core FCT Slack crew continues to provide support and educate, and the official Factom Inc. team has started being much more open and communicative.

To everyone in the community at Factom Inc.—thank you for all you have done, and here's to Factom having its year in 2018. We will see the completion of M3, more exchanges (I am pretty sure), many announcements of Factom Inc. clients going live and boosting EC's, a myfactomwallet integration, a fully operational community test-net, and many more exciting developments I am certain.

Happy holidays everyone 🙂

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Factom in 2018 and thank-you to the community!