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Any news regarding Ledger Integration? Don't get me wrong, I know it's being worked on – which is really great. But I think it's just[…]

We have seen lot of enterprises opting to hyperledger for their block chain use cases with private chains. I understand, for a public witness we[…]

submitted by /u/brooke-arthur [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions How Factom can help solve the world’s land ownership challenges

Never got clarification on this, I understand if they are, but if it's not can't you give a simple no? submitted by /u/era99[…]

submitted by /u/DChapman77 [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions Factomize’s September Authority Node Operator Update

Hi All, Please find TFA's quarterly report here. Any questions, find us on discord or shoot us and email: []( submitted by /u/TheFactoidAuthority[…]

I am trying to move my FCT from the enterprise wallet to an exchange and noticed both Bittrex & Poloniex wallets are currently disabled. Does[…]

Polo wallet issues again. Seriously? ​ what this coin needs is a swift kick in the pants, like Polo de listing…. ​ submitted by[…]

​ ​ One of the most asked questions is what the difference is between a Public and Private blockchain and whether you should use[…]

I don’t plan on selling anything for quite a while and I want to store my tokens somewhere a bit safer. What’s the best recommendation?[…]