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submitted by /u/jakman088 [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions More great Factom exposure! Keep it up, Jay Smith!

I am a Factom hodlr but am beginning to have reservations on how this company is run. I cannot speak about the technical aspects since[…]

submitted by /u/trent127 [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions What Is Factom Coin (FCT) | Data Management and Security

I was wondering how the Factom team is planning to deal with the inevitable SEC crypto crackdown. Do they feel they need to adres some[…]

Members of the Factom team often talk about how those who run Authority Nodes are expected to 'campaign/promote/further the protocol', these terms being used interchangeably,[…]

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I just noticed that Bit-Z is currently listed as trading the highest volume of FCT over the past 24 hours with a price increase of[…]

In May 2018 a law will come into action in the EU that was dubbed "the right to be forgotten". To simplify, it enables people[…]

As suggested, I read the multicoin capital analysis of Factom, which was really great and quite enjoyable, learned a lot about Factom. I have a[…]

So Factom can sell EC directly to customers by burning factoids. What happens once their factoids are all gone? Are customers going to be forced[…]