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I have stored a few factoids offline with factoid papermill wallet generator. I want to sell now. Is there a wallet out there that lets[…]

submitted by /u/FuckMy401k [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions The Factom Party Began In 2015…. Now It’s Celebrated Everywhere

I was watching the various official Factom videos on Youtube today ( and was intrigued by the land title use-case video published May 24, 2016[…]

What (or who) are Factom's competitors in this space? Are the existing companies' stacks of paper or internal databases the only competition, or are there[…]

submitted by /u/BigSplits [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions Brand new Coin Exchange Platform Launching shortly. Sign up now for a Hefty Bonus!

In case of factom, why wouldn't companies come up with their own blockchain in order to store their data? They wouldn't have to pay for[…]

I apologize as I am still missing something. Why can mortgage records not be stored on the Cloud for much cheaper? Thanks. submitted by[…]

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I'm setting up my Factom wallet and followed all the steps. Then once I clicked to create a receiving address a second address appeared that[…]

So yeah, in an attempt to move my wallets to a new computer, Im on my last wallet, being Factom. Now, I have the problem[…]