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Any news regarding Ledger Integration? Don't get me wrong, I know it's being worked on – which is really great. But I think it's just[…]

I know it has been asked many many times before but is there some news regarding Ledger integration? Cheers submitted by /u/trade_noob29 [link][…]

Has anybody seen the talk @ Consensus regarding how governments will use blockchain technology? Factom wasn't directly mentioned but I thought Ms. Jamie E. Smith[…]

First of all, huge compliment to the team and all active community members for their effort! My question: Is there somewhere a roadmap what's happening[…]

Basically the very short summary of the article is that AI will be very soon good enough to create vocal impersonations. A friend of mine[…]

I already imported a couple of secret keys into the Factom enterprise wallet. Now, what would happen if my hard disk breaks? Which key would[…]

Hi guys! First of all thanks to the good support by the Factom Team & all the active Redditors and Slacker's! – I enjoy so[…]