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submitted by /u/FactomKiwi [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions Immutable Insult – a web app showcasing the Factom Blockchain

Hello Factom Inc. One of your biggest supporters here. Below are my thoughts on the Factom community, a small group of people who want to[…]

Factom Inc. is looking to raise a series B in Q2 of 2018. They are making significant progress, expanding into multiple sectors and countries –[…]

During Factom's testnet presentation that occurred on 1/18/18 (today), the Factom team released an Update. Not only did Factom announce that they are eager to[…]

submitted by /u/FactomKiwi [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions NEW TO FACTOM? Read this and you’ll realise you’ve just found an incredible opportunity.

I have been thinking about how I could help to get some significant third party development going on, on top of the Factom Protocol. Now[…]

submitted by /u/FactomKiwi [link] [comments] Source: Factom Discussions Factom’s VP of Business Development Abhi Dobhal just wrote an article on Factom Use[…]

Since the AMA the sentiment in the Factom community has significantly improved. We are all extremely excited for 2018. I believe it will be the[…] The first link is a 16 page analysis Multicoin Capital did of Factom, and I can summarise in saying they are very bullish[…]